#1 The Human Body is a Blessing

The human form is in the minority and so after transmigrating through millions of other forms, it is indeed a blessing to have a human form where self-realization is easier.

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#2 Death is Nothing to Fear

Once you understand your higher nature as a soul and that this spiritual energy can never be destroyed, one becomes confident, fearless and peaceful in the face of death.

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#3 We are Absolute Consciousness

While we may comically suggest that “death and taxes” are absolute, nothing is absolute in this physical realm, except that we (as souls) do not actually die and that the soul is immutable.

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#4 Evolution of Consciousness Begins When we Master the Tongue

Of all the senses, the tongue is the most voracious and difficult to control. Yogis understand that through mastering the tongue, when can master all the other senses including the mind.

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#5 You are a Creator

Everything manifest begins with the utterance of a word. Every world war; every divorce; every skyscraper that was ever built; every invention; every child that was born, all started with sound. The creation of that thing first started in a sound form. We create through sound.

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#6 Connect with Mother Nature

You and I are spiritual energy animating a physical form that has is essentially made up of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each one of these energies needs balancing and nourishing and we do that by reconnecting with the source on a daily basis.

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#7 Always Remember God

According to all spiritual traditions, God is present in every part of the universe, including every atom of creation. The Lord is situated within the universe, within the heart of every living entity and also within the atom.

If we were to boil down all the teachings of the great saints and avatars of history, we could conceivably come away with two absolute statements: 1) The sound vibration of God’s name is non- different from God and 2) unconditional service is the source of soul happiness.

It is said that one should always remember the Lord and not forget Him/Her at any moment. This is called dhyāna, or meditation and this state of consciousness is called samādhi, or trance.

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